Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can seek counseling?
Anyone who needs to remove their mental stress / burden
Seek some suggestions, perspectives, ideas etc., to solve personal / official problems
See the ‘issues we counsel’ column at the home page
2. Does seeking counseling indicate that something is wrong with me?
Absolutely NOT. It is like taking an experts opinion on issues which we have no / less knowledge or poor way of handling ourselves and our relationship with others. If we don’t get these issues addressed, it may cause severe problem mentally and physically.
3. I’m not sure about my problem; will you help me to find it out?
Yes, most of us are not sure of our problems. Our counseling experts will help you in identifying your problems and help you to help yourselves
4. To get ‘Online Counseling’ what steps do I need to follow?
a. First of all read and understand what is counseling and what services we offer.
b. Go through the counselors profiles or talk to our counseling co ordinator.
c. Once you decide to get counseling, please register yourself through the registration page and you will get a user ID & Password sent to your registered e-mail id.
d. Then you can log in and make a request for counseling, where you may choose the counseling type, and counselor. If you are not sure about which one to choose, you can get help from BODHI.
e. Once you make the request, BODHI will schedule an appointment with date and time with the appropriate counselor and it will be intimated to you through mail.
f. You have to confirm the scheduled appointment date & time, and make the payment; once your appointment gets confirmed.
g. The counseling session may happen through Skype/phone call/video call/chat etc., as we mutually decide.
h. During counseling session Counselor will listen to you and help you appropriately.
i. Counselors may also suggest further counseling sessions if needed. For the further sessions, you have to follow the steps from (d).
j. Employees of corporate/Institutions who have tied up with BODHI for this service will use your given URL directly or through your Company website to use our services. You will be taken straight to the registration page.
5. Is there any face to face counseling?
Yes, our counselors will help you based on the issue at hand , availability of the counselors etc., However, we prefer ‘Online counseling’.
6. How much am I expected to pay for counseling?
It is based on the type of counseling you need. See the fees column in the home page.
7. Is there any variation in charging fees?
Yes, it depends on the issue. Please see Fees / Home page
8. If my company / Institution has tied up with BODHI, will I have to pay any fees?
No. Your company will pay for you. However, if there is any additional service like taking a psychometric test etc., you need to pay as per the fees quoted in our relevant page / website.
9. What if counseling is not getting confirmed even after I make the payment? / Net got disconnected/Interrupted while making the payment and amount got deducted from my account/Credit Card?
If due to the technical issues/Net disconnection or if the payment process got interrupted, don’t worry. You can feel free to contact BODHI and they will check the payment status and help you get your transactions processed.
10. Is it compulsory to agree to the terms & conditions mentioned before making the payment?
11. Can I reschedule, cancel my appointment? If I cancel will I get back the money?
Kindly read Clause 16 & 17 of the terms & conditions and be guided.
12. Can I make my appointment as & when I want?
While we would like to help you in accommodating your convenience we follow certain guidelines. Our office hours is between 9-30 am to 5-30 pm. During this time you can talk to us and schedule your time / day etc., however, if an urgency crops up you can call us till 9-00 pm and we will try to cater to you in whatever way that is possible. Our counselors can conduct counseling session from 9-00 am to 9-00 pm only and not beyond that.